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Thirsty Muggers, It’s time to celebrate YOU! 🎉 PCBC is throwing an EXCLUSIVE bash in your honor - Thursday, August 31st, starting at 6 pm.
225 Shops Blvd, Willow Park, TX 76008, USA


Membership is $95.00. If an existing member would like to re-use their mug from last year instead of buying a new mug, we will discount their membership $20. 

June 1st-30th is the renewal period for existing members. 

If a member hasn’t been signed up for a year but wants to renew, we will discount the price of the renewal $6.25 per month that is left on their membership. To guarantee a spot will still be available for existing members after June 2023, it is best they renew early, even if they signed up after June of 2022. We have a spreadsheet with all the members’ names on it, and it can be used to consult to discount memberships who are renewing early. 

July 1st-31st  is our open enrollment period for all new memberships.

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Muggers now receive with their membership-


  • Mug Club mug (which will stay at the brewery during membership)

  • $2 off draft beer 

  • 20% off all PCBC merchandise (hats, shirts, glassware, stickers, growlers, etc..)

  • Annual members party with a plus 1(due to be held in August)

  • Exclusive merchandise

  • 1 free birthday beer 

Only muggers can use their membership. 
Happy hour discount is not applicable(Muggers always pay happy hour pricing)
High ABV beers will only be available in mugs in 12 oz portions(these beers will not fill the mug completely)

When ringing in a Muggers Club membership who will be getting the new mug, use the “Mug Count” button so that we will be able to keep track of how many mugs we have  available, this prevents us from selling more memberships than we have mugs.

Each time a current Mugger renews their membership, be sure to highlight their name on the spreadsheet of Mug Club members, this way we can keep track of who has renewed membership.

During the month of June, let’s try to let every thirsty mugger that we serve know about the upcoming renewal, and how the new membership works! If you do not have time to explain these things to a table, or need help clarifying, ask a manager!

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